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Meet your instructor...

Dr. Holmes Keikobad

Dr. Holmes Keikobad is a Bachelor of Medicine & Surgery, Class of 1962 from Dow Medical College Karachi, and a Diplomate in Public Health, Class of 1969 from University of Punjab. He has practiced medicine widely ever since that time, specializing in Family and Community practice. At his arrival in the United States he chose to retire from medical practice so that he could devote himself entirely to the love of his life, Traditional Oriental Medicine. In continuance of his education, traineeship and apprenticeship in acupuncture in the East in 1993 he sat for and earned his Diplomate status and National Board Certification from the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine NCCAOM, and a Licentiateship in Acupuncture in AZ & CO. His practice consists entirely of Traditional Oriental Medicine in the Classical Nan Ching tradition.

Dr. Keikobad is the Clinical Director of the Community Acupuncture Clinic and co-founder of Ariel Studios, which specializes in Media based CEUs. His professional expertise spans decades over three continents. During his long and distinguished career, he has been a gazetted medical officer working with field care for entire cities and setting up healthcare systems and clinics for various populations. He is an excellent acupuncture practitioner and speaks several languages and therefore is very capable of helping cross-cultural and indigenous populations in various settings. He was on the team of doctors that originally eradicated smallpox and has worked as a Chief Health Officer with epidemics, providing quarantine and other services necessary under extreme and emergency situations.

As a licensed acupuncturist, he has taught many healthcare professionals and apprentices the skills of integrating classical Oriental Medicine and 5-Element Theory into an integrated approach to healthcare. He is a published author and some his works can be found in the many widely read Acupuncture periodicals and magazines. His main area of research and application is Elemental Patterns in Disease, Horary and Seasonal Acupuncture, and Applied Epidemilogy in Acupuncture Practice. He is Editor-in-Chief of the Bulletin of Clinical Acupuncture, a free online resource for practitioners and professionals worldwide .

Published Articles by Dr. Holmes Keikobad [a short list]

1. Article on the Mysteries of the Point Yin Tang

2. Preventing Pneumothorax

3. Case of the Disappearing Channels - New England Journal of Traditional Medicine Volume II Issue 3 Winter 2003 p 35

4. Color Changes in Scleral Arteries and their Clinical Significance

5. Scleral Capillaries - Medical Acupuncture Journal Volume Sixteen / Number One / September 2004. p 18.

He is the developer, researcher and video instructor of the 15 CEU/PDA Acupuncture Video Course "Expert Acupuncture: Deep Diagnosis by Design". His writing and educational work has been used in educational and legal institutions. Despite extraordinary professional expertise, he remains warm, humane and generous as a teacher and leader in the healthcare field.

Carol Andrade MS The Johns Hopkin University, PhD., L. Ac.

started her career as a writer and producer for educational television and film. After writing and producing almost a 100 programs for cable, educational and PBS programming and international films, she went back to school at The John Hopkins University to receive a degree in Applied Behavioral Science.

She received her PhD in Psychology from American Commonwealth University, and she began consulting and training with individuals, couples, groups and organizations, using always a blending of health and technical skills. She is the producer and director of “Expert Acupuncture: Deep Diagnosis by Design".


Acu-Free.Com provides consulting, training and media services for professionals and organizations in the health and medical fields. Tru-Self Inc was founded in 1996 by Dr. Homi Keikobad and Carol Andrade PhD, who work as a team delivering educational and project services with a commitment to the very best in integrative training for professionals. Past projects include:

  • Training for Acupuncturists and Medical Practitioners and Students in health-related fields.
  • Consulting with Behavioral Health Systems and Educational Institutions on the successful Integration of Acupuncture into mainstream healthcare.
  • Designing, developing and delivering free healthcare to the Free Woman's Refugee Clinic; serving displaced and battered women and children from war-torn Afghanistan, Kosovo, Sudan and other areas of the world.
  • Supplying executive consultation to experts working in the delivery of healthcare through government agencies.
  • Developing educational materials on "Healing Post Terrorist Stress", "Smallpox Vaccination", "Anthrax Safety", and SARS information in this time of emergency.

Dr. Holmes Keikobad

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