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Five Element Patterns for

Cholera Epidemics

A 5 CEU Audiovisual Distance Learning Course

Reviewed by the NCCAOM as part of Emergency Acupuncture Provider ID # ACHB 108-003

Also approved in AK, AR, AZ, GA, ID, MD, NH, NC, RI & most US States






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Emergency Care for Acupuncturists


Dr. Keikobad's newest

Emergency Acupuncture Care CD

The Seven Cholera Pandemics 

Since recorded history the cholera bacterium has caused seven pandemics and ravaged the Old World. The latest epidemic in Peru in 1991 was caused by a mutated microbe, creating the specter of an eighth pandemic, this time in the the New World, off the coastal waters of South America, or in the Gulf Coast

During the Katrina tragedy, an organism similar to Vibrio Cholerae, known as vibrio vulnificus, caused an unrelated toxic skin infection in 5 people, who all died as a result, 4 in Mississippi and 1 in Texas. What is a cause for concern is that this bacterium can also cause Cholera, given the right circumstances.


Vibrio Vulnificus pili, an organism similar to Cholera bacterium
Image courtesy of North West Fisheries Science Center Seattle

This course reflects the rising need for the acupuncture profession to be prepared for the next flooding along the Gulf Coast, which may result in a Cholera epidemic, because all the factors which may spawn one are present in the warm waters off Lousiana & coastal states.


This course discusses: 

1. The role of stomach acidity as an integral factor in the etiology

2. The role of alkalinity of the coastal seas where the bacterium spawns

3. How warmer seas create more algae, which feed more cepopods, tiny marine creatures colonized by the cholera bacterium see below

A microscopic view of a female Cholera carrying cepopod
Image courtesy of National Science Foundation

4. How etiology can be plotted on the 5 element grid

5. How the appearance of symptoms are estimated on the horary clock

6. How the bacterium passes through the Gastric Barrier ©

7. How qui flows counter because of the pernicious nature of the illness (see diagram below)

8. How communal emotions are factored into the etiology

9. How to construct a Preventive & Early Warning Protocol for citizens


About Your Instructor:

Dr. Holmes Keikobad has had close encounters with cholera since the time he graduated as a medical doctor in 1962 and found himself working within the week in a requisitioned school with the hundreds who came in the morning, some to be carted away to burial grounds by nightfall, and some to stand and walk away, all by a seemingly mad chance.

In 1969 he read for a Diplomate in Public Health & went on to become Chief Health Officer of a large metropolis on the Indian Ocean, which has been the ancestral home of cholera since before Alexander marched through the area.

He now solely practices the classical form of 5 Element work as laid out in the Nan Ching Classic. Bringing together the best of both worlds, he has created this timely course for acupuncturists who envision specializing in Emergency Care, or who simply want to know more about this illness, so as to be able to remain safe and keep their loved ones out of harm's way.


Course format:

Format: Audiovisual on CD & image intensive workbook

Run time: 4 plus hours of audio plus iage intensive workbook

Earns: 5 CEUs by Distance Learning

Subset of: Emergency Care for Acupuncturists Distance Seminar

Course reviewed by : NCCAOM ID #ACHB 108-003

Approved by State Acupuncture Boards in: AK, AR, AZ, CA, GA, MD, ME, NC, NH, RI, VT & most states which adhere to NCCAOM standards



$69.99 + $ 5 S & H


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Tempe, AZ 85281 USA



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