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The Community Acupuncture Clinic

The Health Resource You Can Trust 




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The Community Acupuncture Clinic

Dr. K examining a patient


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What conditions are we good at treating?

 Low back pain, neck & shoulder pain, arthritis, sciatica

Conditions of skin such as dryness & premature aging

Sleep disorders, allergies, asthma & respiratory problems

Stomach disorders such as acidity & reflux

Urinary problems & chronic constipation

Sleep apnea & problems with snoring

Chronic fatigue & lack of energy or depression  


How do we approach your problem?

By going to the root of it and taking care of it at an integral level


What should you expect in terms of the treatment?

A very comfortable, relaxing and healing experience where you will very likely not even feeling the needles. We use fine, very small needles. The effect is virtually painless. Our approach is gentle and mindful of your maximum comfort


What are the charges?

In complicated cases: for a 1st session of 90 minutes or more - $150

For subsequent sessions of 60 minutes - $100

In uncomplicated cases for a 1st session of 60 minutes - $100

For subsequent sessions of 40 minutes - $80

We always invite you to ask questions before the treatment and decide what you find agreeable


Preventive monthly tune up

We will see you once a month and set right whatever we find out of balance. On a regular monthly basis, this can help maintain health and prevent illness, boost your immune system and prevent many problems from occurring in the first place


What mode of payment do you accept ?

We accept checks, cash and credit cards


What are our acupuncturist's credentials?

Licensed Acupuncturists & Diplomate in Acupuncture ~ National Board Certified


How can you set up a session?

The best way is to call us at 1.888.TRU.SELF <878.7353>


Paying for a session? Please click on the appropriate button below:

To pay $150.00

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To pay $100.00

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To pay $80.00

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Thanks for stopping by. Call us if you need more information. We are here to look after your health concerns.

ph 480 415 2159


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