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Course Instructions

Dr. Holmes Keikobad MBBS. DPH. Ret. DIP. AC.

NCCAOM, Lic. Ac. in Arizona & Colorado, brings you insights gained from 4 decades of teaching clinical Acupuncture over 3 continents.







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This page assists you in learning more about how Dr. Keikobad's distance learning course "Deep Diagnosis by Design" works.

It's easy! Just follow these simple, step-by-step instructions and you'll be recertified in no time!


Step 1:

Purchase the video or DVDs of "Deep Diagnosis by Design"

Step 2:

Receive the videos or DVDs in your mail box and read the returns policy

Step 3:

View the video or DVDs at home and familiarize yourself with the concepts that Dr. Keikobad teaches in the course

Step 4:

Take the enclosed Quiz provided in your packaging box and complete it

Step 5:

E-mail the Quiz Answers to at our Testing and Re-Certification Center by following these instructions:

Instructions for sending answers by E-mail for same day certificate issuance   

Email your answers to in the exact format below.    

Please make sure the items below are part of your plain text E-mail (no attachments):  

Your Name  

Name of Acupuncture Course  

License Numbers: (Supply State License Number and/or NCCAOM License Number if you have one.)  


Valid E-mail where the certificate can be sent  

Phone Number  

Affirmation - Your Affirmation should look exactly like this: (I have completed the course and quiz as required and am solely responsible for an inquiry which may arise with my Licensing Board.)  

Answers to the Quiz should be in this easy sample format:

1. A

2. B

3. C

4. D

5. True

6. False  

If you follow the above directions, your certificate will be issued the same day for your convenience in order to save you time and assist you in obtaining your CEUs quickly.  

Thank you for your cooperation.


Or Mail the Quiz back to:

Staff at Acu-free.Com Testing and Re-Certification

1712 N. McAllister Avenue

Tempe, AZ 85281



Step 6:

We will assess your work and upon satisfactory completion of the Quiz, send you your certificate by E-mail to save you time.

Step 7:

Congratulations! You just got certified!


Buy Deep Diagnosis by Design Now and Get Started Now!

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No part or whole may be reproduced in any manner.