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Choose from a wide variety of tools created specifically to

enhance your acupuncture practice

The Five Shu Locater Chart

The Five Shu Point Locater Chart
An easy reference guide for the busy acupuncturist. Just diagnose the element in disharmony, check the time of day during which you are treating your patient, find the toning Mother point and the reducing Son point that present the best Qi. This is an excellent chart, laminated for a lifetime of use. An indispensible tool for the astute healer. (8.5 x 11 - 2-sided card comes with easy step-by-step instructions.)

Our Low Price: $24.99


The Pneumothorax Prevention & Safety CHART   

The Pneumothorax Prevention & Safety Chart for Professionals
This handy, ready-reference chart lists acu-points with known potential for pneumothorax, on a vivid color image of the chest and back, with surface anatomy references to easily locate points. It comes in a laminated, 8.5 " x 11 " four-fold to stand on your treatment or study table. It is an incredible tool to help you protect your practice, keep you safe from disastrous law suits, and protect your patients from accidents.

Our Low Price: $24.99

Back view of chart


The Pneumothorax Prevention & Safety Booklet   

The Pneumothorax Prevention & Safety Booklet for Professionals

This timely booklet discusses aspects of practice which may precipitate a pneumothorax condition. It is dificult for a practitioner to be aware all the time of the little lapses which lurk all around the treatment table, which can create an accident. This booklet walks you through the anatomy, the patient profile, the surface structure of the body, the points which are inherently dangerous, the concept of alternate points with no compromise in clinical effectiveness.

Our Low Price: $24.99

Inside the booklet


The Pneumothorax Patient Education and

Informed Consent Booklet

This critically important booklet is geared to create a safe atmosphere in the clinic and a rapport between the healer and the person seeking clinical help. Most interventions, be they in TCM, or other healing traditions, involve some degree of risk. This booklet recognizes that, and invites the patient to work with the healer in creating a safe and trusting atmosphere where nothing may go wrong by inadvertance or by a preventible patient lapse.

Our Low Price: $24.99

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Coping with Bioterrorism and Bullying

These beautifully designed books and charts are based on astute research in each field, preferred by professionals responsible for the delivery of education, training or assessment. These will support you and your organization in the areas of Anti-Bullying strategies and safety against Bioterrorism. Please call for quantity orders to save.

The Smallpox Book

An assessment tool for lay people who will receive the smallpox vaccine.

Our Low Price: $24.99


The Student Aggression & Violence Estimator [S.A.V.E.]

A special workbook for students, parents, and school Administrators to help keep kids safe in our schools.

Our Low Price: $24.99


 The Smallpox Safety Card

Laminated self-test for individuals, clinics, & hospitals.

Our Low Price: $15.99


The Anthrax Safety Card

Laminated safety assessment resource on what to do in case of an attack.

Our Low Price: $15.99


SARS Safety In a Time of Epidemics

A guide to dealing with the SARS epidemic.

Our Low Price: $15.99



Deep Diagnosis by Design ~ The Video/DVD Workshop for

Acupuncturists and Doctors

The Acupuncturist Course
Ideal for Professional Acupuncturists
& Students of Acupuncture



Total = $299.00

The Doctor's Course

Ideal for Professional Doctors
& Medical Students who are integrating
Acupuncture into their medical practice.



Total = $399.00


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