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The Flu Safety Card

An Ideal Self Help Tool for Acupuncturists

by Dr. Holmes Keikobad MBBS., DPH., Ret.








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What can the Flu Safety Card do for your practice?


This simple self-educational tool may help you differentiate between a COMMON COLD and the FLU. It is important to do this as the former may require no medication, while the latter would require active medical attention.

The FLU SAFETY CARD also offers you alternative ways of dealing with a FLU, such as homeopathic preparations, and a simple acupressure based method by which to boost up your natural resistance.

       The Flu Safety Card:  Front and Back


How is it used in your practice?

Simply compare your symptoms to those in the two columns, one for COMMON COLD or the other for the FLU, and a quick tally will suggest what you could most likely be having. While this does not replace a professional diagnosis nor does it give one, it can give you an estimation of which ailment you're dealing with. This is very useful in epidemic times or when health care is not readily available.

The Flu Safety Card can be handily carried for instant use

The attractive and convenient laminated card is sized 5.5" x 8.5" to fit into your diary or purse, or glove compartment so it is available at all times in this flu season, when you are exposed to infection at the workplace, while commuting, in any crowded place or even at home.


Cost: $9.99 US inclusive of shipping & handling

Buy one for yourself and one more for your fellow acupuncturist friends

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To order by phone call 480 415 2159

To order by mail, please send us a check for $9.99 US to:

Dr. Holmes Keikobad

1712 N. McAllister Avenue

Tempe, AZ 85281 USA



Disclaimer: Alternatives suggested are entirely educational & informative in nature and do not replace professional help and care. Please consult your doctor at all times.



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Earns 2.5 PDAs with NCCAOM. Approved in AZ AR AK CA DC DE FL GA MA MD MT ME NC NH NM RI & most States.


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