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Bulletin of Clinical Acupuncture Archive


A Short Compendium of Articles by Dr. Holmes Keikobad
and useful information reference Emergency Medicine
as it applies to acupuncture


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Archives of Bulletin of Clinical Acupuncture

Working with Phlegm Part I Working with Phlegm Part II
Feb. 2006 click here March 2006 click here May 2006 click here June 2006 click here

Deep Diagnosis by Design Chart for Patient History

A Compendium of free-access Articles by Dr. Holmes Keikobad

Article on the Mysteries of the Point Yin Tang

Preventing Pneumothorax

Case of the Disappearing Channels - New England Journal of Traditional Medicine

Volume II Issue 3 Winter 2003 p 35

Color Changes in Scleral Arteries and their Clinical Significance

Scleral Capillaries - Medical Acupuncture Journal Volume Sixteen/Number One/Sep 2004 p 18

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The AcuFree.Com CEUS on CD DVD Team

Educator and Senior Acupuncturist Dr. Holmes Keikobad

Dr. K brings to his many students decades of clinical experience and provides these training programs live as well as on video when available, as well as by invitation to teaching hospitals, clinics and other healthcare organizations. If you would like to attend any of these programs or workshops, please leave your contact information and we will forward you Dr. Keikobad's most up-to-date teaching schedule. If you would like to bring Dr. Keikobad to present in your state, please forward all pertinent information relating to your request and we will have someone contact you promptly with dates and logistics.

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