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Course Title: Healing by the Tides of the Qi

Using the Five Shu Point Locater Part One and Two

Credits earned: Part One and Two are reviewed by the NCCAOM for 7.5 CEUs each,

and approved by State Board of Acupuncture AZ for 7.5 CEUs each.


Dates: To Be Announced



Cost: $125 per each Part, or $250 for both Part One and Part Two. It is strongly recommended

you take both parts for a comprehensive understanding of the topic.

To pay for one or both click the appropriate button below:

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Part 1 only : 


Part 2 only :



List of Workshops and Classes Taught by Dr. Keikobad:

  1. Deep Diagnosis by Design
  2. Twenty-Two Tongues (Tongue Diagnosis)
  3. Ear Acupuncture (Auriculotherapy) for Addiction, ADD & Stress
  4. "Do No Harm" - Expert Skills in the Practice of Acupuncture
  5. The Expert 5 Shu Point Training Program
  6. Five Element Theory and The Classics
  7. The Acupuncture Apprenticeship Program



Educator and Senior Acupuncturist Dr. Holmes Keikobad

brings to his many students decades of clinical experience and provides these training programs live as well as on video and DVD when available, as well as by invitation to teaching hospitals, clinics and other healthcare organizations. If you would like to attend any of these programs or workshops, please leave your contact information and we will forward you Dr. Keikobad's most up-to-date teaching schedule. If you would like to bring Dr. Keikobad to present in your state, please forward all pertinent information relating to your request and we will have someone contact you promptly with dates and logistics.

If you are looking for a Distance Learning Seminar which earns 15 CEUS with NCCAOM and most States, choose 'Deep Diagnosis by Design', an acclaimed expert workshop which has found acceptance in the US and abroad.



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